Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Adventure Time - Finn

My 8 Year old son is obsessed with the Adventure Time Cartoon Series. Has repeatedly asked me to find a pattern on the boy called Finn. Explained that there is none. So Yesterday in my creative mood I was in I attempted and succeeded in making a PC Stitch Pattern of Finn for him using a colouring picture I found off the internet. So this will be my stitching project during the day while he is at school as a surprise.

WIP James Dean

After much perseverance I have completed page 2 of Mystic Stitch James Dean. There was so Much Confetti stitching I though I would give up. Sure I have made a colour mistake along the way but, it looks ok so I am happy. So page 3 was started on the 30th May :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

My Online shopping trip 2 weeks ago....

Like my stash isn't big enough already I had to go buy a few more .... Be busy for awhile lol

Mystic Stitch James Dean

Mystic Stitch James Dean
18count 2over1
Page 1complete 15 more to go....
Started 18/04/2013

And in the grand scheme of things....

EMS Froggie Baby

Promised a friend over 12 years ago I would stitch her a frog. I forgot and she remembered so got started on this piece A.S.A.P. Started on 2nd April


Pooh and Gang Birth Sampler

This one is was just completed on the 1st of May. It is for my closest best friend whom I have known since I was 10, she has just had her 1st long awaited baby Benjamin last Wednesday. The minute I found out she was expecting I got straight to it.

HAED Faces Faery 70

My 1stry  HAED Faces of Faery 70. 
18 count, 2 over 1.
It took me just under a year to complete. (The date on the actual photo is wrong as I was to lazy to change it :) )


This is a chart I made with PCStitch. My son Michael's first Christmas. Took a lot of persistence as I didn't like how many colors and pixilated it looked to start with. But have to say it is definitely my best accomplishment yet

Vervaco Teddy Birth Announcemnt

Stitched this one in 2006 for my best friend from High School's son.... But must get stitching again on 2 more as there have been more additions to her family.

CC Tom Mouse

Stitched this one back in 2005, while my Grandmother was staying with us and my Mum was having a revision hip replacement. Was great fun stitching together chatting and watching movies :)

Vervaco B&W Puppies

When my son Joshua was 7 he asked me for a puppy, but where we were living did not allow pets so when I saw this chart I got to work, it was hard stitching without him seeing but managed to pull it off. Though when we were living with my Ex-Mother in Law, out of all the stitched and framed ones I had ... This disappeared, but I have no clue what I did with the chart to even attempt to stitch it again.

Thomas the Tank Engine

This I stitched for My son Michael for his 2nd Birthday in March 2007.

Welcome to Babyroo's Blog

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

Let me start by introducing myself ....

My Name is Kathy. I am a Stay at Home Mum to my 3 sons. Joshua 15, Alexander 14 and Michael 8. I have been cross stitching since I was 14, and it didn't take long to become my passion or some may say obsession. It is a hobby I share with my 85 year old Grandmother Margaret. The original plan my mother and grandmother had was to start me on embroidery, as our background is Hungarian, I tried aimlessly for awhile, my mother was consistenly getting frustrated with me as I would stuff it all up to the point of no return. One day shopping in a haberdashery store with both of them I came across a cross stitch booklet, to which my Grandmother asked if I would like to try it? Then we purchased some fabric some cotton and home we went. That night I stayed up and stitched my 1st cross stitch, which if I can dig up I will post a pic. The rest is history really.

 Over the years I have stitched many projects and many have been given away as gifts. Currently I am a bit obsessed with Mystic Stitch and HAED charts. I completed my 1st HAED over a year ago, and am just started my 1st Mystic Stitch. 
 I am looking forward to sharing my WIP, UFO's (as there are a few) and completed projects with you all, also to gain inspiration from you all.

 Welcome again to my Blog