Monday, 6 May 2013

Welcome to Babyroo's Blog

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

Let me start by introducing myself ....

My Name is Kathy. I am a Stay at Home Mum to my 3 sons. Joshua 15, Alexander 14 and Michael 8. I have been cross stitching since I was 14, and it didn't take long to become my passion or some may say obsession. It is a hobby I share with my 85 year old Grandmother Margaret. The original plan my mother and grandmother had was to start me on embroidery, as our background is Hungarian, I tried aimlessly for awhile, my mother was consistenly getting frustrated with me as I would stuff it all up to the point of no return. One day shopping in a haberdashery store with both of them I came across a cross stitch booklet, to which my Grandmother asked if I would like to try it? Then we purchased some fabric some cotton and home we went. That night I stayed up and stitched my 1st cross stitch, which if I can dig up I will post a pic. The rest is history really.

 Over the years I have stitched many projects and many have been given away as gifts. Currently I am a bit obsessed with Mystic Stitch and HAED charts. I completed my 1st HAED over a year ago, and am just started my 1st Mystic Stitch. 
 I am looking forward to sharing my WIP, UFO's (as there are a few) and completed projects with you all, also to gain inspiration from you all.

 Welcome again to my Blog

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